Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So I apparently haven't written in this for a pretty long time! I guess I just got pretty lazy because it was Summer. xP What I started to do was community service hours at Sacred Heart in Downtown San Jose. The first day, I asked this guy to open the freezer. The response was "The freezer?? Ahhuuhhhhhh". It wasn't in a sarcastic way, but in a creepy way. He was much taller with very lanky features. The second time I went, one of the guys wouldn't let me even do my job. That of course, made no sense to me at all. He wouldn't even let me carry and throw away an empty cardboard box. Just then, I was just going to carry these bell peppers to my station to put them into plastic bags, he wouldn't let me carry it. He said "Here, let me do that. You can't do that". So he picks it over one of his shoulders and said, "boy is this heavy!" In my mind... "Not really". So he asked where he should place it. I pointed it to the place where I was working. I still cannot believe that I was scolded for doing my job. Maybe he is sexist? anyways, around late July to early August, I went to Disneyland (boy was that an adventure). We chose to travel by car. I think I already mentioned about the first road trip to Disneyland with Sibling (G). It was eggs and bacon that morning. I remember, sibling M threw up all over herself and also a part of my bag. Then sibling G started to barf everywhere! She would barf once every hour (gross). So I never barfed the whole ride (which was miserable with the smell of the new car smell + the mixture of siblings G and M's barf!!). Anyways, the first day of being in Disneyland was more clear to me than any other day. The workers would have these big white plush gloves and waved as we entered. Or when Tigger started to blow kisses and B**** slapped me accidentally. I'm no masochist, but I kind of liked being slapped (even if it was unintentional of him/her). We then saw that depressed donkey from Winnie the Pooh. I gave him a big hug. When my face was against his costume, he gave me  a kiss. Now that was awarding (now you know who's my new favorite character)! The next week after going to Disneyland, I babysat Monday-Friday with sibling G. The child's name is Max. He is this very adorable two year old who never lies. Of course, he punches and yells, he can be extremely sweet. I remember I pretended that I was asleep, so he put's a blanket on me and covered my feet with a pillow (because there was not enough of the blanket to cover my feet). He would laugh and smile a lot (looks very cherubic). He gave me this nickname. Guess what it is? Cookie? Sweetie? Pie? NONE OF THOSE. He named me BoBo. So when my mother put a picture of me up on Facebook, his mother showed him the picture. He goes and points to me saying, "That's BoBo!" Even though he made me tired to heck, he would give me a squeeze (a hug, not another thing! Get your mind out of the gutters). So the next week, I had school right there and then. My honors algebra two homework took me two and a half hours to do. By the time I finished all my homework, it was around 10. I wonder why I have so much time right now to even write all this! I hope you like this very long update some of you been waiting for. Also excuse me for some misspells or grammatical errors! Just a highschooler after all!