Saturday, October 12, 2013

The real me?

I'm having a really hard time trying to fall asleep. When that doesn't work it's always best to keep your mind off it. Now what am I thinking? I'm thinking that for the longest time I've been living a double life where I enjoy one than the other. My alter ego is a rebellious sweet but cool person who can be scary but still and hopefully approachable. The me I live around the family is a trouble maker but the loner who has a hard time connecting with jokes and girls. I'm working on being a better person just to get by. Not like I'm stressed enough

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Kangaroo

I wrote a short story on my first Prom asking. It's really cute. I changed the names to protect his identity though.

The Kangaroo
                When one becomes a junior in high school, what does that person first think? Well there is SAT, ACT, and colleges to think about; however, there’s one thing to look forward to than being an upper classman. It’s Prom. But who do I ask? How do I ask? Actually, there is a way to ask. It depends on how you ask and your actions on it. This is my story of my first Prom asking to a boy named Kel.
It was in the middle of April around the afternoon. I looked at the birth of new flower popping out of the trees.  I drove to Taco Bell to get two of the seven layered burrito, two drinks of mountain dew, and a drink for my sister Grace. Since I was still learning how to drive, my father was in shot gun. He drove me the rest of the way to Kel’s house after the trip to Taco Bell. Beforehand, I asked for Kel’s address and if he was home today. I was so determined to make this the perfect prom proposal. I called to make sure he was still at his house. Once I was able to confirm he was alone in his house, my plan was in motion.
I lied to him, “Yeah driving was such a disaster today. It was so bad that my father had to drive me home. I’ll talk to you later when I get home.”  I stared between the driver’s seat and shotgun as if it was the light in the end of the tunnel.
We drove into Kel’s neighborhood. His house was two blocks away from Quimby Park in the east side of San Jose. I opened the side of the car door, collected my prom gift, and looked at his house. The color of the house itself was of a light shade of green. I walked across the grass which had wasps and bees wandering low within the grass. I walked past pans of cat food and water from the outdoor cats he fed towards his light brown door. My sister was right behind me to take pictures of this event. Then a thought occurred to me. What if I prank him and we could laugh about this for years to come?
Satisfied with this idea, I started to kick the door and growled in a deep voice, “This is the police. We know you’re keeping crystal meth in there!!!” I kicked the door a couple of times more.
After 4 minutes, I hear a frail feminine voice answered my rampage, “Who is it?”
 In shock and horror I answered her question with, “Oh my God, I am so sorry Mrs. White. My name’s Cai. I’m just asking Kel to prom.”
The woman opened the door enough so that I could see her face. She asked again and I repeated myself. I explained to her I was playing a joke and just wanted to scare Kel and that all I was doing was asking him to my prom.
She asked if he knew I was here because he didn’t answer the door and I answered, “No, this was supposed to be a pleasant surprise.” She promised to keep it a secret and went upstairs to Kel to tell him to come downstairs.
Apparently she told him that, “SomeTHING is at the door.” I waited anxiously for him to walk down the stairs. I was thinking how I was going to ask him since my plan just blew up in my face. My train of thought was interrupted when I heard slow footsteps down the stairs. Kel’s head was looking down. He was wearing a sweater hoodie that had stripped colors of white, light blue, and darker blue. He looked up to see me. I could see happiness in his face. I gave him the taco bell I bought that day for him and told him to open the box. Within the box is a Kangaroo with a paper that says, “I am ‘hopping’ you will go to prom with me”. He gave me a big hug and thanked me. We then discussed about his point of view during this whole ordeal. After having a friendly chat, I asked how his grandma was doing.
He reassured me by calling out to his grandma, “Hey grandma, are you ok?”
He was answered with silence. “Grandma?”
He repeated himself, but with his voice cracking. He walked towards his family room and turned his head right and came back, “She’s fine.”
My sister continued to take pictures. After she was satisfied with the amount of pictures she took, she walked toward the car, “Come to the car when you’re done.” I looked back towards her direction
“Sure, no problem,” I answered. Kel and I talk for a couple more minutes.
“Sorry, I have to go now, my dad’s in the car and I don’t want to keep him waiting.” He and I met eyes. It was getting at the point that all words escaped my mouth.
“No, no it’s fine. Thanks for coming by and asking me to prom.” I gave him a quick smile, hug, and waved at him. I ran out as fast as I could to the car and slammed the door. I went to my father and explained the whole entire event while we drove home with Grace. Once I got home I Facetimed Kel on how embarrassed I was and asked how his grandma was doing. I found out about his point of view during this event.
                Looking at my horrendous green colored room, I listened to the girl I started to like again.
“Yeah driving was such a disaster today. It was so bad that my father had to drive me. I’ll talk to you later when I get home.” I felt bad that she still couldn’t drive. On top of that, she’s a terrible driver.
“Yeah, not problem. Talk to you soon”. She hung up. Damn, her voice was even quavering as if she was going to burst into tears.
I put on my headphones, turned the music up, and started to watch random YouTube videos. I felt bad for my friend that I’ve known since the first Bellarmine mixer. It felt like 20 minutes passed as I clicked on different videos one after each other. I started to consider doing my homework since it was the weekend of the afternoon. My procrastination urge was much stronger, so I told myself I’d start it until Sunday night. Before I could finish my stream of consciousness, my grandma knocks on the door.
“Hey Kel.” She starts off. I took off my headphones and looked at her. Her eyes were wide open, but after our eyes met, she looked away.
“Hey Grandma,” I try to say in the most casual way possible.
“I just want to say something’s at the door.” She said.
She started to walk downstairs. I remembered last night there was a person in a hoodie standing outside our house late last night with his/her back facing us around 2 a.m. I looked at the new baseball bat I got and considered bringing it with me. She did say “something”. I went downstairs slowly with my head low, planning what I should do if anything bad happens. I looked up to see my friend Caroline standing at the bottom of the stairs holding a blue box and Taco Bell. I smiled widely. I knew she didn’t drive and that her house was a little far from mine. Her coming all the way here was never considered.
“Hey Kel, I’m here to ask you to my Prom.” She hands me the box. I opened the box to see a kangaroo and a note that was decorated in the color of green, cartoon figurines of cats all of the side of the page, and a letter reading, “I am ‘hopping’ you will go to prom with me”.
“It says hoping…But I put hopping because the stuff animal is a kangaroo”.  She looked down. Her face was very flustered as if she was exercising. She sounds as her usual self, bubbly and hyper.
I broke the silence quickly and said, “I’m so surprised you’re here.” She looked up with a big smile.
“Do you like it?” She asked. I couldn’t stop staring at the gift. It was so creative and sweet. Wait…Did she bring me Taco Bell also? I placed the food next to the stairs.
I looked up, “Yeah I love it”
She smiled again, “Do you like the kangaroo?” This is a Kangaroo? Oh it is…There’s a baby kangaroo within the pouch but was attached with elastic.
“I thought it was a bunny”, her sister interjected. I didn’t even realize she was there. Grace was snapping pictures every 10 minutes.
“I thought that also,” I mentioned.
“How’s your grandma? I didn’t mean to scare her. I was kicking the door because my hands were full-“
“You kicked my door?” my voice went high pitched again. This girl is unbelievable and even possibly borderline crazy, but maybe that’s what I really like about her.
“My hands were full and I just wanted to pull a prank” Caroline tried to reason with me. I made a little smile.
I then explained how my parents were out to Boston for work because they are in law enforcement. She explained how her prank started with pretending to be a cop. I told her that wouldn’t work so well because my father could have arrested her for impersonating a cop. Her eyes widened. I changed the topic and we talked maybe for a couple of minutes before she asked about my grandma. I called out to her to reassure that my grandma is fine; however, she didn’t answer back. So I walked towards my living room to check on her. She was ok.  We talked a little more until she mentioned that her dad was waiting for her outside with her sister. We hugged and I watched her back as she left to her car and drove home. I picked up the Taco Bell and put it in the Fridge for dinner. I went back to retrieve the box and brought it upstairs. I placed the paper with my awards from baseball and the Kangaroo on my desk. I went back to what I was doing before this event happened. After maybe 20 minutes, I get a Facetime call from Caroline.
“OMG I can’t believe I made a total idiot of myself to your grandma.”
My grandma passed by my room and said, “Yeah I almost brought my gun to the door, but when I looked the peephole and saw how tiny she was I thought to myself, ‘I can take her’”.

 I also mentioned to Caroline how I almost brought my bat and the suspicious person outside my house the night before. She and I video chatted for hours. That’s what we did the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. Rush of adrenaline went through my system as I thought how she’s going to my prom, and I to hers.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stream of Consciousness....

Oh my, I've been swamped with Scholarship Applications, College Application, Common Application, School, Dance, Projects, Volunteering, and spending time with the family. Usually I have time to write about how I am, but the beginning of this year wasn't the best. My boyfriend broke up with me and it wasn't the prettiest thing in the world.

Then I learned I missed a fashion show tryout at this high school which was a bummer also. I don't want to sound all depressing and all, but I've had some good things. Like a lot of girls have been talking to me this year so that's a plus. I went to a BBQ and all the guys thought I was a freshman in high school. It was a little weird because I'm 18. Hopefully this look will stay that way for the next 40 years before I get menopause and look ancient like all the other Asian aging process.

After I finish writing this, I'm going to finish my homework because I haven't started it yet. Wow my mind is going everywhere on this post. Probably because I haven't been on for a while and have so much to write. My cat Romeo is still good but he's 16 lbs now. I decided to put him on the diet. So far I get eyes of betrayal out of that cat.

Since my older sister, classmates, and even Netflix have recommended me to watch this show, it might have just been a terrible mistake. Has anybody watched "American Horror Story?" It's really good, but it's really creepy and I guess I can't get over the creepy part yet. Apparently it got many awards, but the ending was just confusing and I hate bittersweet endings. I'm one of the people who watch funny chick flicks.

I started my SAT class last Saturday. It was just a test taking experience so they can see what we can compare to next time. From my first SAT score and my practice score the second time, I improved around 200 points on the writing section. It might be because I'm in Literary Analysis class because all we've been doing is writing and reading. Sometimes you just get the feeling that this mistake might be wrong but the other might be right. I'm also taking Anatomy and Physiology. It's interesting but it's a lot of memorization. It's mostly mind-blowing overall. This year is going to be really tough, but all I am thinking is that it might just be worth it.

I remember writing an essay for a scholarship about the Zombie apocalypse. There's actually a lot of rules of survival and it's hard to truly know what to do since it actually doesn't happen in real life. Anyways I'm using biology and anatomy to help me out with the essay. I'm really hoping that I can get a scholarship. I really want to graduate and go to college. I never gave it a second glance because the idea of college seemed so far away, but now it's all about this year and next year. Starting a new life with new people.

I also learned that my fellow students talked behind my back to a good friend of mine I've known since 2nd grade. I'm grateful he told me. I hate drama, so I'm never going to mention who it is or take action, but it does hurt. Especially when they don't even know you or talk to you. Girls are scary with words, but I'd rather be punched then cut by words. Bruises can heal, but words can't. Once it's out, it's out.

Does anyone like spooning with their fat cat? I do. He's so soft. Wow that sounds wrong, but everybody knows what I mean...Right? It's nice to have a hot furry thing against you. Not really in the summer, but cats are very sweet. They are very independent, but they do small actions that show that they care and that they love you. If you ask me, I just love love love my cat. I still want a pig, but my furry little friend will keep my stress low for another....10 years or 20 (hopefully. I wish this cat could live forever).

Lastly, if something is wrong with your computer, fix it right away. Because my dad used my name as a verb. Someone has Caied the computer...AKA Someone has F***ed up the computer. Great to know that my name means that for the computer. I do tend to break everything I touch...However, when my dad types, then press enter, it makes me cringe. He slams that enter key with all his might in his index finger. I really want my keyboard to last another 6 years xP. Goodnight Peeps. :3

Monday, July 22, 2013

Since forever

Well I haven't posted on this for months now... Looking at colleges lately and it's boring me! There's also summer reading I need to keep up with also. I was just told that people can make money from blogging which sounds really awesome!
Oh noooo it's Monday! I have to take out the trash ewwwww.
Also I turned 18 on June 26. I definitely don't feel different and my boyfriend is 17. People are joking that in a cradle robber and its legal rape. Oh his parents are cops which really makes me even more scared!!! I have to watch out what I do now but I have gotten his parents to love me.
I was thinking that I should make a YouTube account and talk about my life. Maybe give advice or answer questions or even do make up tutorials. 
My cat wiggles his butt before he sits down wow what a cutie.