Monday, July 22, 2013

Since forever

Well I haven't posted on this for months now... Looking at colleges lately and it's boring me! There's also summer reading I need to keep up with also. I was just told that people can make money from blogging which sounds really awesome!
Oh noooo it's Monday! I have to take out the trash ewwwww.
Also I turned 18 on June 26. I definitely don't feel different and my boyfriend is 17. People are joking that in a cradle robber and its legal rape. Oh his parents are cops which really makes me even more scared!!! I have to watch out what I do now but I have gotten his parents to love me.
I was thinking that I should make a YouTube account and talk about my life. Maybe give advice or answer questions or even do make up tutorials. 
My cat wiggles his butt before he sits down wow what a cutie.

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