Monday, September 3, 2012

     I have been so busy with school lately! My classes range from easy to hard (easiest class is Java and hardest class is probably Honors Algebra 2). The reason why I chose that Algebra is probably the hardest is because the teacher has a thick Vietnamese accent! I just cannot understand a word she says! It's alright though because I have so many people I can rely on to help me in situation as these! One of my friends (my closest guy friend) named Matt is just super smart! He's in all Honors, have AP classes with that and still does swimming! He's extremely nice also! I wish I was just like him! Even though he has low self-esteem problems, he's still a really good friend.
     Also I did my very first Java programming a couple of days ago! It was just amazing to think I did it! It seems like such a high technology thing that only very intelligent people can do! I sent my friend Matt a code to invite him to a school dance (tried to make it fancy). He gave me a reply with a yes and a big happy face (sadly, they have not taught us how to do that yet!).
     I also auditioned for Legally Blonde the musical at my school and got in as a dancer! That was so exciting! i couldn't believe it because I can't sing (so it was nice to know that dancing is what saved me). I'm probably going to be really busy and the boys were sort of hitting on me already. There's this freshman that I bet with about back flips and by tomorrow I have to prove to him I can and he will do the same as I. If I lose he gives me a cupcake. If I lose I have to give him a cupcake. The reason why we didn't bet a dollar was because I didn't want to give him a dollar! I'm a very frugal person!
     I really need to finish writing this for the blog because I procrastinated all weekend instead of doing my homework! I must say it was all my fault on this because I should have done it right in the beginning so that I wouldn't have any homework. Thank god it isn't even the afternoon yet!
     So hopefully I'm going to get some big muscles and abs because I have during school dance, after school dance, and the musical dance! Either this is a blessing or curse because where in all that time will I have a nap or time to do homework!?!?!
     Also just as always, I need to talk about my kitty Romeo! So I'm taking a shower and I'm almost finish. I here this fast pounding on my door and I am thinking this is like those horror movies where the girl is taking a shower and will be killed really soon. So first it was a couple of knocks and I yelled that I was almost done. Then the fast pounding came in. I turned the knob to turn off the shower and asked "Who's there?" Soon I hear a little familiar bell. I opened the door and my mom is holding the cat. The cat walks over and stays in the bathroom. I resumed my shower for at least one more minute (that's all! All i needed to do was just condition my hair and I would have been done!) So now my cat is laying on the floor towel waiting for me.
     I just want to say sorry to some people that I haven't been keeping you guys up on my day and I'm really sorry about it. Hope you forgive me :D