Monday, July 23, 2012

7-19, Thursday: Went to diving. Little boy that was 8 made up a game where he steps on peoples foot and calls it footsies and totally flirt on me. Cute, but a little odd. He is able to do the middle splits while I can only do one of my splits.
7-20 Friday: Sibling J's birthday. He just turned 13! Yay! Had ice cream instead of cake. He cannot eat gluten. Also the youngest sibling from the whole bunch. Also went to the food trucks with sibling M, G, and M(2). Had an awesome tofu hamburger and got soda.
7-21 Saturday: Sibling J and R's pool birthday party. Did not do much at all! Also went a little shopping. Don't remember what I shopped for with my family.
7-22 Sunday: Went to the mall
7-23Monday:Went to the mall to buy stuff for the trip to Disneyland! My sibling G is trying this hair dye that will last for 28 washings! Cannot wait how it will turn out. I hope she doesn't dislike it! We have a lot of leftover soda from my brother's bday party! I want to have a birthday party too, but I keep forgetting to mention it and plan it!!! Now I am cleaning my room!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today I went to diving class! It was odd because this eight year old was having fun flirting with me in innocent ways. Like stepping on my feet and calling it "footsies". He also laid on the steps and said the only way I'd be able to get on it is if I had to step on or lay on him? So I went around him and just got on the plank. While I was more in a fetal position of getting on the plank, he hit my leg. If he was taller, he would have accidentally hit my butt. He also talked a lot during stretching. So I believe he likes playfully flirting with girls (or I should start to wear one pieces instead of two...But I don't want to have weird tan lines...) Since I am going to Disneyland in two weeks, I don't want a one piece tan because I remembered how odd I looked at Hawaii last year. Also tomorrow is my brother J's birthday! So excited for him because he's finally turning 13. I remember my 13th birthday! It was such a disaster! I actually went to the hospital because of a dehydration problem! Apparently, I cried because I didn't get a present from my sister's friend because she attended my birthday party and gave a gift to my sister G. So Sibling M's friend named Erin saw me crying and told me that it was bad luck to cry on my birthday. That was apparently so true because hours later, I felt delusional, tired, and thirsty. They took me into the emergency room. I told my parents that a little boy kicked me in the stomach at the pool area. The doctors took scans and thought my appendix exploded (not like I really need that organ). It ended up that nothing was wrong with me except of being dehydrated and kept me there until the next morning. I remember the CAT scan doctor said "I am very honored to spend the rest of your birthday doing this scan with you". I'm thinking like...WTF, honor my ass. Anyways, that was the ending of my 13th birthday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I keep forgetting to update this, so I'll try to write posts during the morning or around noon. So around Sunday, I did not wake up seeing my cat next to me or around my feet. :( It must have also been a boring day if I didn't even really remember what I did! So maybe around the times I didn't write (which was a couple of days) were pretty boring days if you asked me. Actually yesterday, I turned into an application for Pizza Hut! Also I got model offerings too! Anyways, I usually model locally because it's something that is fun and not something I want to become when I get older. Also I went to the mall with my family for fun. It was nice to just hang out and not be a hermit in my room! I am actually going to go out again for jeans that fit my non-existing butt! My sister G is also coming along to find jeans too. I'll write again later today to make up my laziness! Also I think if I write in here everyday, then my cat will sleep with me at nights again because he's been on his cat hammock more than anything.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This morning, I woke up feeling my cat's stiletto feet walking across my stomach! Great way of waking up, right? I remember eating a bagel with lots of cream cheese and watching my brother J playing "Army of Two" on the PS3. There was a choice of letting this Asian little boy to walk on the battle field so he could get us a gun or we could have chosen to let him stay put. I recommended my brother to choose the option of letting the boy wander and get the gun. Sadly, that choice got the little boy shot and killed. Later in the game, this odd looking man drags the boy's body on a pile of other dead people and the odd looking man uses a flame thrower to discard the pile of bodies. I have no idea why, but I felt sick watching that part of the scene. I was also playing the same exact game with a friend named Michael. We didn't even get that far into the game. Now, if I do go to his house to hang out again, I'm going to tell him to disallow the little boy to get himself killed! Anyways, going back to my day! I went on the computer and watched interesting youtube videos of the tarantula guy again. By the time it was 3 P.M., I was told to get ready for the cabana awards night dinner. I asked my mom what to wear. She told me to wear something casual. So I wore black sweats and an Adam Lambert T-shirt. While I was practically wearing my pajamas, my whole family was wearing something casual. At the actual event, the boys wore casual and the girls were wearing dresses. So my sister G went to the mall with her friend named Holly until 3 P.M. I also learned that sibling G's friend was also going to attend the dinner party. My sister M was in San Francisco with her coworkers to just have fun. She came back way later. So I was the sister that just sat on her butt all day! I also remembered that it was Sunday today, but later in the day I thought it was Saturday during dinner. So we ate dinner and my sisters, the friend, and I went home early just to hang out. Turns out Holly has very hostile pets compared to my family's pets. She would say how her cat and dog would bite and would seem cute, but a little negative. She wanted to just take my cat home with her because of how lenient my cat was. I guess my cat must be docile and dependable because of the way I taught him how to love? Then again, he used to dislike how I would dress him up, put him in the harness, or take him outside. I love how I talk about my cat in every post.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today I had to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to the Cabana Championship swim meet. Many people believe, "Oh so then, you are on the team?" For me, that is not the case. I used to do competitive swimming, but I I quit because it was not a sport I had any particular passion for. I only went because this is the last cabana meet for the whole year for my younger siblings. I went to support them. At first it was just cold with many geese wandering around at the park. We set up; and from there, the meet started. I huddled up with layers of sweaters and sweat pants. I made sure not a piece of skin was shown. Of coarse, this was a big mistake to do. The thing is, at a swim meet, there are much clothing that is scattered around the area. So many people believed I looked like just a heap of clothing. I remember my brother tried to walk over me and tripped. There were also these two men talking to each other (as they were behind me). One of the men was showing an example of diving to his friend. So by showing the example, he  kept kneeling down repeatedly to my level and kept touching my back without knowing. I turned my body around to see him. He looked shocked and turned the other way with his friend. So people, swimming has it's benefits! Good thing about swimming can include friendship, eating a lot, fun, cooling down, an activity, wear a bathing suit all day, and take your clothing off without being judged! The bad things are waking up in the morning, being cold in the morning, have to deal with any bad weather (except lightning; if it's lightning, then just run out of the pool as fast as you can because, nobody likes seeing a fried swimmer in the water), getting stepped on, wrapped around a towel and being wet, getting dry skin, and camping in and then out of the place in the end of the day. Even though I took a nap that lasted maybe a couple of hours, I was able to cheer on my siblings M, R, and J. Sibling M is the youngest sister who is 16. She will turn 17 on November 25. Sibling R is the oldest  of adopted boys who just turned 13 on July 5th. Sibling J is the youngest of the adopted boys and of the male persuasion of the 3 brothers. He is also the sibling that is just an amazing swimmer! We all believe he's going to go into the Olympics one day! He is 12 and turning 13 on July 20th! It was a nice day spending a whole day with the family (even though I hate the sport).

Friday, July 13, 2012

I forgot to make a post yesterday, so I'll make an extra long post explaining today's day and yesterday. So yesterday, I watched youtube videos, went to diving practice, and hung out with my sister (G). The reason why I put her initials instead of her real name is because I don't think she or my siblings would like me to mention her or them in general in the blog. So when I was at diving today, the younger divers thought I was 13. I laughed and told them that I was 17. So apparently, little kids think by the time someone is 17, they'll have their driver's license. I told them I was a terrible driver because I almost hit a police car. I scared my dad so badly, that he wouldn't let me drive him back home. So now the little kids think I'm a scary driver and never want to get in the car with me. I also did stretching and exercising with my sister (G) when I came home from diving.
So today, my mother woke me up (actually she wakes me up everyday because I sleep until 12 P.M.). I remember taking my cat in my arms and going back to sleep. I believe it was 10 A.M. when I started to get breakfast. I went and made macaroni and cheese. I never cook, so it was a nice change to have eaten something I made (and this time I didn't get a stomach ache). I also promised my parents I'd go to the swim meet today because there's a family relay of 100 free (This means there are 4 people and each person is doing 25 yrds). I took my summer reading book and propped myself in the team room to read. Apparently, while I was reading...My parents thought I ran away. They went around the school looking for me for an hour. After reading 5 chapters of the book, I started to get extremely tired and cold, so I went to my mother and tapped on her to complain. She was a little upset when she saw me and asked me where I was. I told her I was in the team room and asked if she checked there. Of coarse, she and my father didn't. I wasn't upset at all because I saw this as a big misunderstanding. So everything got calmed down. I went to warm up in the pool and did the relay race. Guess what place we got?? We got first place and got a $10 dollar Jamba Juice card! Not bad for a competitive swimmer that quit swimming 2 years ago, huh? :) We then went home and ate dinner. That's my whole day so far for today! Hope you enjoy reading this!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today has been such an unproductive day! All I remember was that I had an oriental top ramen (tasted gross), watched tarantula videos and took a nap with my kitty. I wonder what I had for lunch. Maybe I didn't eat lunch... I had a quesadilla for dinner and watched Rizzoli and Isles...Oh, also I had 2 popsicles. My younger sister annoyed me today. She bothered me a lot because I was sitting next to mom while we watched TV. She already had eaten her orange popsicle and tried to poke me with it! She did other stuff that just bothered me like whispering into my younger brother's ears and insulted me in different ways. I swear, our two younger brothers who were adopted from Vietnam are like her minions! Oh, if people did not know before, my two sisters and I were adopted 3 different times from China, but all of us are all the same age. My two brothers who are from Vietnam were adopted together while they were a couple of months old. People at school usually think my sisters and I are triplets! Of coarse, we aren't we don't even look a like! Oh! I almost forgot. So I had to take my cat to the bathroom with me; the reason is because if I don't, he starts pounding on the door and cries. So after I was done and washed my hands, I left. When I noticed that my cat wasn't around me, I went back into the bathroom to see what he was doing. It turned out he started to drink out of the toilet. The thing he does is, before he drinks his water, he has to put a paw into it while he drinks. I have no idea why he does that. Anyways, when I told him to get the @#$* off (just kidding, I didn't actually said that, haha), he took his paw and started to wave the water off his paw. Sadly, the water started to hit me and I was so grossed out. Mostly for only 2 reasons. One of the reasons is because he kisses me and of coarse the other reason is because it's out of the toilet!!! Anyways, I'm going to end it there :).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today, I woke up with a terrible stomach ache! I must admit, I did eat a two day old baked potato (probably not the best choice of breakfast, but..Hey, I'm a teen!) I have probably not told many people about this, but I hate cooking. So people should be very scared if they ask me to go into the kitchen and cook them something, because I'll likely put cat laxatives in the food. I had to give my cat laxatives once because he had a little piece of string that was maybe a cm long...Sticking out of his butt. After giving him the laxatives, he went to his litter at most in 2 minutes! If I'm eating food, it's out of the fridge, snack items, or anything I didn't make. Anyways, back to the rest of my day... I went grocery shopping with my mom and siblings. I was getting almost everything on the list until I looked at the last item on it. Mic cheese? I was very confused because my mother wrote the title of "Produce and Dairy". So I assumed mac n cheese because right across the produce and dairy isle in Safeway was rows of different kind of mac n cheeses! The thought that my mother wanted to make mac n cheese for dinner wasn't such a far fetch idea. When I put all the items into my mother's cart, a sibling of mine took out one of the boxes of mac n cheese and asked why I got it. I told her that's what was on the list. My mom looked at the list she gave me and said, "It's Mex. cheese, as in Mexican cheese". It didn't bother me that I had to go back and find that, but my siblings goes through that cheese in less than 5 days! They are like piranhas! Always making and eating quesadillas (I used to pronounce the L's in the word)! So after grocery shopping, we went to get food from Loving Hut. This place has the most amazing vegan/vegetarian food ever! I bought the pad thai; which was so amazing to eat when I got home. After Lunch, I had to do diving. Not scuba diving. It's the one where you have to jump and do tricks/ flips in the air. That's the most exciting thing that happened today! Also watched my cat attacking a baby spider (which was such a fail). I wanted my sweet Romeo to kill the spider and eat it! Instead, I had to use his paw to squish it. I tried to get him to eat the spider, but somehow it got stuck on his paw. He tried to flick it off and I'm afraid the dead spider corpse is possibly on my leg or clothing (p.s. I am scared of spiders).
I have no idea how to start writing this blog! Well...I guess I can start saying that it is 12 A.M. and I was unable to go to sleep. So I tip toed to my parent's room to ask my mother for something to knock me to sleep. I started to tap her and called her name "..Mom....Mommmmm." I guess I scared her because she jumped a little. She walked over with me to her bathroom and gave me this pill that's a size of a beetle(Ok...Maybe I over-exaggerated that...By a lot). So yeah, I am awake and waiting for this medicine to work!!! Also I made this for the blog background, but apparently it isn't working!!! It said that it had to be 1800x1600 and the kb had to be 300! I thought this looked pretty awesome. :) If anybody can comment and give me some advice, I'd really appreciate it since I'm just a newbie!!!