Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today I had to wake up at 6:00 A.M. to the Cabana Championship swim meet. Many people believe, "Oh so then, you are on the team?" For me, that is not the case. I used to do competitive swimming, but I I quit because it was not a sport I had any particular passion for. I only went because this is the last cabana meet for the whole year for my younger siblings. I went to support them. At first it was just cold with many geese wandering around at the park. We set up; and from there, the meet started. I huddled up with layers of sweaters and sweat pants. I made sure not a piece of skin was shown. Of coarse, this was a big mistake to do. The thing is, at a swim meet, there are much clothing that is scattered around the area. So many people believed I looked like just a heap of clothing. I remember my brother tried to walk over me and tripped. There were also these two men talking to each other (as they were behind me). One of the men was showing an example of diving to his friend. So by showing the example, he  kept kneeling down repeatedly to my level and kept touching my back without knowing. I turned my body around to see him. He looked shocked and turned the other way with his friend. So people, swimming has it's benefits! Good thing about swimming can include friendship, eating a lot, fun, cooling down, an activity, wear a bathing suit all day, and take your clothing off without being judged! The bad things are waking up in the morning, being cold in the morning, have to deal with any bad weather (except lightning; if it's lightning, then just run out of the pool as fast as you can because, nobody likes seeing a fried swimmer in the water), getting stepped on, wrapped around a towel and being wet, getting dry skin, and camping in and then out of the place in the end of the day. Even though I took a nap that lasted maybe a couple of hours, I was able to cheer on my siblings M, R, and J. Sibling M is the youngest sister who is 16. She will turn 17 on November 25. Sibling R is the oldest  of adopted boys who just turned 13 on July 5th. Sibling J is the youngest of the adopted boys and of the male persuasion of the 3 brothers. He is also the sibling that is just an amazing swimmer! We all believe he's going to go into the Olympics one day! He is 12 and turning 13 on July 20th! It was a nice day spending a whole day with the family (even though I hate the sport).

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