Friday, July 13, 2012

I forgot to make a post yesterday, so I'll make an extra long post explaining today's day and yesterday. So yesterday, I watched youtube videos, went to diving practice, and hung out with my sister (G). The reason why I put her initials instead of her real name is because I don't think she or my siblings would like me to mention her or them in general in the blog. So when I was at diving today, the younger divers thought I was 13. I laughed and told them that I was 17. So apparently, little kids think by the time someone is 17, they'll have their driver's license. I told them I was a terrible driver because I almost hit a police car. I scared my dad so badly, that he wouldn't let me drive him back home. So now the little kids think I'm a scary driver and never want to get in the car with me. I also did stretching and exercising with my sister (G) when I came home from diving.
So today, my mother woke me up (actually she wakes me up everyday because I sleep until 12 P.M.). I remember taking my cat in my arms and going back to sleep. I believe it was 10 A.M. when I started to get breakfast. I went and made macaroni and cheese. I never cook, so it was a nice change to have eaten something I made (and this time I didn't get a stomach ache). I also promised my parents I'd go to the swim meet today because there's a family relay of 100 free (This means there are 4 people and each person is doing 25 yrds). I took my summer reading book and propped myself in the team room to read. Apparently, while I was reading...My parents thought I ran away. They went around the school looking for me for an hour. After reading 5 chapters of the book, I started to get extremely tired and cold, so I went to my mother and tapped on her to complain. She was a little upset when she saw me and asked me where I was. I told her I was in the team room and asked if she checked there. Of coarse, she and my father didn't. I wasn't upset at all because I saw this as a big misunderstanding. So everything got calmed down. I went to warm up in the pool and did the relay race. Guess what place we got?? We got first place and got a $10 dollar Jamba Juice card! Not bad for a competitive swimmer that quit swimming 2 years ago, huh? :) We then went home and ate dinner. That's my whole day so far for today! Hope you enjoy reading this!

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