Monday, July 23, 2012

7-19, Thursday: Went to diving. Little boy that was 8 made up a game where he steps on peoples foot and calls it footsies and totally flirt on me. Cute, but a little odd. He is able to do the middle splits while I can only do one of my splits.
7-20 Friday: Sibling J's birthday. He just turned 13! Yay! Had ice cream instead of cake. He cannot eat gluten. Also the youngest sibling from the whole bunch. Also went to the food trucks with sibling M, G, and M(2). Had an awesome tofu hamburger and got soda.
7-21 Saturday: Sibling J and R's pool birthday party. Did not do much at all! Also went a little shopping. Don't remember what I shopped for with my family.
7-22 Sunday: Went to the mall
7-23Monday:Went to the mall to buy stuff for the trip to Disneyland! My sibling G is trying this hair dye that will last for 28 washings! Cannot wait how it will turn out. I hope she doesn't dislike it! We have a lot of leftover soda from my brother's bday party! I want to have a birthday party too, but I keep forgetting to mention it and plan it!!! Now I am cleaning my room!

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