Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today I went to diving class! It was odd because this eight year old was having fun flirting with me in innocent ways. Like stepping on my feet and calling it "footsies". He also laid on the steps and said the only way I'd be able to get on it is if I had to step on or lay on him? So I went around him and just got on the plank. While I was more in a fetal position of getting on the plank, he hit my leg. If he was taller, he would have accidentally hit my butt. He also talked a lot during stretching. So I believe he likes playfully flirting with girls (or I should start to wear one pieces instead of two...But I don't want to have weird tan lines...) Since I am going to Disneyland in two weeks, I don't want a one piece tan because I remembered how odd I looked at Hawaii last year. Also tomorrow is my brother J's birthday! So excited for him because he's finally turning 13. I remember my 13th birthday! It was such a disaster! I actually went to the hospital because of a dehydration problem! Apparently, I cried because I didn't get a present from my sister's friend because she attended my birthday party and gave a gift to my sister G. So Sibling M's friend named Erin saw me crying and told me that it was bad luck to cry on my birthday. That was apparently so true because hours later, I felt delusional, tired, and thirsty. They took me into the emergency room. I told my parents that a little boy kicked me in the stomach at the pool area. The doctors took scans and thought my appendix exploded (not like I really need that organ). It ended up that nothing was wrong with me except of being dehydrated and kept me there until the next morning. I remember the CAT scan doctor said "I am very honored to spend the rest of your birthday doing this scan with you". I'm thinking like...WTF, honor my ass. Anyways, that was the ending of my 13th birthday!

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