Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today, I woke up with a terrible stomach ache! I must admit, I did eat a two day old baked potato (probably not the best choice of breakfast, but..Hey, I'm a teen!) I have probably not told many people about this, but I hate cooking. So people should be very scared if they ask me to go into the kitchen and cook them something, because I'll likely put cat laxatives in the food. I had to give my cat laxatives once because he had a little piece of string that was maybe a cm long...Sticking out of his butt. After giving him the laxatives, he went to his litter at most in 2 minutes! If I'm eating food, it's out of the fridge, snack items, or anything I didn't make. Anyways, back to the rest of my day... I went grocery shopping with my mom and siblings. I was getting almost everything on the list until I looked at the last item on it. Mic cheese? I was very confused because my mother wrote the title of "Produce and Dairy". So I assumed mac n cheese because right across the produce and dairy isle in Safeway was rows of different kind of mac n cheeses! The thought that my mother wanted to make mac n cheese for dinner wasn't such a far fetch idea. When I put all the items into my mother's cart, a sibling of mine took out one of the boxes of mac n cheese and asked why I got it. I told her that's what was on the list. My mom looked at the list she gave me and said, "It's Mex. cheese, as in Mexican cheese". It didn't bother me that I had to go back and find that, but my siblings goes through that cheese in less than 5 days! They are like piranhas! Always making and eating quesadillas (I used to pronounce the L's in the word)! So after grocery shopping, we went to get food from Loving Hut. This place has the most amazing vegan/vegetarian food ever! I bought the pad thai; which was so amazing to eat when I got home. After Lunch, I had to do diving. Not scuba diving. It's the one where you have to jump and do tricks/ flips in the air. That's the most exciting thing that happened today! Also watched my cat attacking a baby spider (which was such a fail). I wanted my sweet Romeo to kill the spider and eat it! Instead, I had to use his paw to squish it. I tried to get him to eat the spider, but somehow it got stuck on his paw. He tried to flick it off and I'm afraid the dead spider corpse is possibly on my leg or clothing (p.s. I am scared of spiders).

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