Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today has been such an unproductive day! All I remember was that I had an oriental top ramen (tasted gross), watched tarantula videos and took a nap with my kitty. I wonder what I had for lunch. Maybe I didn't eat lunch... I had a quesadilla for dinner and watched Rizzoli and Isles...Oh, also I had 2 popsicles. My younger sister annoyed me today. She bothered me a lot because I was sitting next to mom while we watched TV. She already had eaten her orange popsicle and tried to poke me with it! She did other stuff that just bothered me like whispering into my younger brother's ears and insulted me in different ways. I swear, our two younger brothers who were adopted from Vietnam are like her minions! Oh, if people did not know before, my two sisters and I were adopted 3 different times from China, but all of us are all the same age. My two brothers who are from Vietnam were adopted together while they were a couple of months old. People at school usually think my sisters and I are triplets! Of coarse, we aren't we don't even look a like! Oh! I almost forgot. So I had to take my cat to the bathroom with me; the reason is because if I don't, he starts pounding on the door and cries. So after I was done and washed my hands, I left. When I noticed that my cat wasn't around me, I went back into the bathroom to see what he was doing. It turned out he started to drink out of the toilet. The thing he does is, before he drinks his water, he has to put a paw into it while he drinks. I have no idea why he does that. Anyways, when I told him to get the @#$* off (just kidding, I didn't actually said that, haha), he took his paw and started to wave the water off his paw. Sadly, the water started to hit me and I was so grossed out. Mostly for only 2 reasons. One of the reasons is because he kisses me and of coarse the other reason is because it's out of the toilet!!! Anyways, I'm going to end it there :).

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