Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I keep forgetting to update this, so I'll try to write posts during the morning or around noon. So around Sunday, I did not wake up seeing my cat next to me or around my feet. :( It must have also been a boring day if I didn't even really remember what I did! So maybe around the times I didn't write (which was a couple of days) were pretty boring days if you asked me. Actually yesterday, I turned into an application for Pizza Hut! Also I got model offerings too! Anyways, I usually model locally because it's something that is fun and not something I want to become when I get older. Also I went to the mall with my family for fun. It was nice to just hang out and not be a hermit in my room! I am actually going to go out again for jeans that fit my non-existing butt! My sister G is also coming along to find jeans too. I'll write again later today to make up my laziness! Also I think if I write in here everyday, then my cat will sleep with me at nights again because he's been on his cat hammock more than anything.

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  1. so ur a hermit too XD ..and that non-existent butt line made me laugh for some reason..keep writing :D