Sunday, July 15, 2012

This morning, I woke up feeling my cat's stiletto feet walking across my stomach! Great way of waking up, right? I remember eating a bagel with lots of cream cheese and watching my brother J playing "Army of Two" on the PS3. There was a choice of letting this Asian little boy to walk on the battle field so he could get us a gun or we could have chosen to let him stay put. I recommended my brother to choose the option of letting the boy wander and get the gun. Sadly, that choice got the little boy shot and killed. Later in the game, this odd looking man drags the boy's body on a pile of other dead people and the odd looking man uses a flame thrower to discard the pile of bodies. I have no idea why, but I felt sick watching that part of the scene. I was also playing the same exact game with a friend named Michael. We didn't even get that far into the game. Now, if I do go to his house to hang out again, I'm going to tell him to disallow the little boy to get himself killed! Anyways, going back to my day! I went on the computer and watched interesting youtube videos of the tarantula guy again. By the time it was 3 P.M., I was told to get ready for the cabana awards night dinner. I asked my mom what to wear. She told me to wear something casual. So I wore black sweats and an Adam Lambert T-shirt. While I was practically wearing my pajamas, my whole family was wearing something casual. At the actual event, the boys wore casual and the girls were wearing dresses. So my sister G went to the mall with her friend named Holly until 3 P.M. I also learned that sibling G's friend was also going to attend the dinner party. My sister M was in San Francisco with her coworkers to just have fun. She came back way later. So I was the sister that just sat on her butt all day! I also remembered that it was Sunday today, but later in the day I thought it was Saturday during dinner. So we ate dinner and my sisters, the friend, and I went home early just to hang out. Turns out Holly has very hostile pets compared to my family's pets. She would say how her cat and dog would bite and would seem cute, but a little negative. She wanted to just take my cat home with her because of how lenient my cat was. I guess my cat must be docile and dependable because of the way I taught him how to love? Then again, he used to dislike how I would dress him up, put him in the harness, or take him outside. I love how I talk about my cat in every post.

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