Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stream of Consciousness....

Oh my, I've been swamped with Scholarship Applications, College Application, Common Application, School, Dance, Projects, Volunteering, and spending time with the family. Usually I have time to write about how I am, but the beginning of this year wasn't the best. My boyfriend broke up with me and it wasn't the prettiest thing in the world.

Then I learned I missed a fashion show tryout at this high school which was a bummer also. I don't want to sound all depressing and all, but I've had some good things. Like a lot of girls have been talking to me this year so that's a plus. I went to a BBQ and all the guys thought I was a freshman in high school. It was a little weird because I'm 18. Hopefully this look will stay that way for the next 40 years before I get menopause and look ancient like all the other Asian aging process.

After I finish writing this, I'm going to finish my homework because I haven't started it yet. Wow my mind is going everywhere on this post. Probably because I haven't been on for a while and have so much to write. My cat Romeo is still good but he's 16 lbs now. I decided to put him on the diet. So far I get eyes of betrayal out of that cat.

Since my older sister, classmates, and even Netflix have recommended me to watch this show, it might have just been a terrible mistake. Has anybody watched "American Horror Story?" It's really good, but it's really creepy and I guess I can't get over the creepy part yet. Apparently it got many awards, but the ending was just confusing and I hate bittersweet endings. I'm one of the people who watch funny chick flicks.

I started my SAT class last Saturday. It was just a test taking experience so they can see what we can compare to next time. From my first SAT score and my practice score the second time, I improved around 200 points on the writing section. It might be because I'm in Literary Analysis class because all we've been doing is writing and reading. Sometimes you just get the feeling that this mistake might be wrong but the other might be right. I'm also taking Anatomy and Physiology. It's interesting but it's a lot of memorization. It's mostly mind-blowing overall. This year is going to be really tough, but all I am thinking is that it might just be worth it.

I remember writing an essay for a scholarship about the Zombie apocalypse. There's actually a lot of rules of survival and it's hard to truly know what to do since it actually doesn't happen in real life. Anyways I'm using biology and anatomy to help me out with the essay. I'm really hoping that I can get a scholarship. I really want to graduate and go to college. I never gave it a second glance because the idea of college seemed so far away, but now it's all about this year and next year. Starting a new life with new people.

I also learned that my fellow students talked behind my back to a good friend of mine I've known since 2nd grade. I'm grateful he told me. I hate drama, so I'm never going to mention who it is or take action, but it does hurt. Especially when they don't even know you or talk to you. Girls are scary with words, but I'd rather be punched then cut by words. Bruises can heal, but words can't. Once it's out, it's out.

Does anyone like spooning with their fat cat? I do. He's so soft. Wow that sounds wrong, but everybody knows what I mean...Right? It's nice to have a hot furry thing against you. Not really in the summer, but cats are very sweet. They are very independent, but they do small actions that show that they care and that they love you. If you ask me, I just love love love my cat. I still want a pig, but my furry little friend will keep my stress low for another....10 years or 20 (hopefully. I wish this cat could live forever).

Lastly, if something is wrong with your computer, fix it right away. Because my dad used my name as a verb. Someone has Caied the computer...AKA Someone has F***ed up the computer. Great to know that my name means that for the computer. I do tend to break everything I touch...However, when my dad types, then press enter, it makes me cringe. He slams that enter key with all his might in his index finger. I really want my keyboard to last another 6 years xP. Goodnight Peeps. :3

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